Tinea Versicolor Info

Our Tinea Versicolor Survey Results.

The Results So Far. It was originally conceived as a filler for our infant website, but to our welcomed surprise our Tinea Versicolor Survey proves to be a popular stopping place for visitors at Tinea-Versicolor.net. While the results of the questions have not been so unexpected, the diversity is insightful. Here’s what we have so […]

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Selsun Blue Shampoo

Over-The-Counter Tinea Versicolor Treatment.

Tried and True Selsun Blue By David Anthony, Contributing Writer. Back in the day—in the day of disco, hippies with bellbottom pants and low waistlines, girls with feathered hair and shiny lip gloss…a day that birthed punk rock, rap, and MTV…an age that seemed in perpetual motion, ever changing, on the precipice of something big—there […]

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Tinea Versicolor at School

Back To School – With Tinea Versicolor.

Precautions To Take And Knowledge To Give. By David Anthony, Contributing Writer. Fear not, we still have several weeks of summer vacation remaining, but if you or your child lives with Tinea Versicolor (TV), now is the time to kick your treatment regimen up a notch so you can avoid the embarrassment of spotty skin when returning […]

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Best Treatment For Tinea-Versicolor

Return Of A Favorite Tinea Versicolor Treatment.

The Latest On ZNP Soap From Stiefel Labs. If you live with Tinea Versicolor, you probably know ZNP Soap and how effective it can be in managing this condition. Unfortunately, Stiefel Labs halted production of ZNP Soap awhile back, forcing customers to explore other treatment options. I’ve got some terrific news. After speaking with a […]

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tinea versicolor tattoo

Will Tinea Versicolor Scar My Skin?

Resolving Discolored Skin Patches. Tammy in Wisconsin writes,”…I feel like I have some freakish tattoo on my skin! I feel literally branded and I’m worried I’m scarred for life!” This must be a normal reaction, because regularly here at Tinea-Versicolor.net, people ask if the discoloration of skin is permanent, and whether they will ever look […]

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Tinea Versicolor and exercise

Tinea Versicolor: 5 Precautions To Take When Exercising.

Taking The Worry Out of Solariums, Gyms, and Exercise Classes. Do you remember a game called Labyrinth? Labyrinth was a maze of traps and holes where your job was to steer a ball to the end which seemed possible, but not without a challenge! The same holds true for those of us struggling with Tinea […]

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Linen Clothes For Tinea Versicolor

Comfort Clothing For Tinea Versicolor.

Wearing Natural Linen Clothing Can Help Control Your Tinea Versicolor. On a personal level, I find natural linen clothing to be the most comfortable. But did you know that natural linen fabrics can help to limit the recurrence of Tinea Versicolor (TV)? It’s true. Linen is made from the supple fibers of the flax plant […]

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Tinea Versicolor Diet

Tinea Versicolor And Your Diet.

What You Eat May Be Feeding Your Tinea Versicolor. When you think of the word yeast, what comes to mind? Do you think of food like warm, freshly baked bread? Or do you think of the discomfort associated with inconvenient bodily infections? In truth, certain foods promote excessive yeast formation in and on the body, […]

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tinea versicolor sanitized laundry

Sanitizing Your Laundry.

Washing Your Way To Fewer Outbreaks. As you may already know, Tinea Versicolor (TV) is a persistent skin fungus that won’t go away without a fight. I equate TV to the Tasmanian Devil. When it gets wound up, it’s hard to stop. When you think it’s gone, it’s not; it’s only laying in wait, anxious […]

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beach scene

Minimizing Tinea Versicolor Recurrence.

Getting Ready For Summer. By David Anthony, Contributing Writer. As summer approaches, I find myself reflecting on memories of summers past. One of my fondest memories is as a kid in the mid-seventies, cruising with my dad in his half-restored ’66 Chevy SS Impala, windows down, the 8-track playing songs like Ventura Highway by America. […]

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