Life With Tinea Versicolor.

Dear Visitor,

Several years ago while on vacation in tropical India, I began to develop an irritating lighter-colored patch of skin on the nape of my neck. Within months, this grew to embarrassingly large itchy areas on my shoulders and back.

Although “specialist doctors” were quick to diagnose my Tinea Versicolor, repeated consultations helped only to temporarily alleviate my symptoms and the discolored patches and irritation always returned. I was instructed to frequently undergo long inconvenient procedures for the rest of my life!

I was deeply frustrated and concerned. My skin was the source of discomfort and embarrassment for years, before I determined to discover simple and effective methods to treat myself at home. was launched to provide a community for people suffering with Tinea Versicolor and seeking genuine support from the personal experiences and knowledge of others.

Let us share:

  • Your questions and answers about Tinea Versicolor.
  • Information about cures and remedies.
  • Opportunities to learn about the alternative treatments available.
  • Personal stories from other people.
  • A comfort zone of truth and hope.