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Minimizing Tinea Versicolor Recurrence.

Getting Ready For Summer.
By David Anthony, Contributing Writer.

As summer approaches, I find myself reflecting on memories of summers past.
One of my fondest memories is as a kid in the mid-seventies, cruising with my dad in his half-restored ’66 Chevy SS Impala, windows down, the 8-track playing songs like Ventura Highway by America.

My dad would let his stoic military facade down during those drives and sing with me. For a kid, it was great fun.

Unfortunately, not all of my summertime memories are viewed in the same light.

Having lived with Tinea Versicolor (TV) since I was 16 years old, the warm days of summer brought with them an uptick in anxiety.

TV thrives in hot-humid conditions, which is why we see the highest rate of recurrence during the summer months. That’s where my increased anxiety came into play.

The darker my skin got, the more my Tinea Versicolor showed up. A deep dark tan peppered with white or reddish spots and blotches drew unwanted attention and ridicule from my peers.

I dreaded days at the pool where I would have to remove my shirt. When the shirt came off, the comments started coming in—like hand grenades being lobbed at me by my buddies. It sucked!

Since then, I’ve learned a lot about the management of TV.

One of the things I’ve learned is that preparation for summer is key to minimizing recurrence. In fact, treating my skin in April, May, or June often blocks any recurrence of TV in July, August, and September—summer’s hottest months.

Tinea Versicolor prevents the skin from tanning by producing an acid that shuts down melanin producing cells in the skin under the spotted area.

The darker our tan becomes, the more noticeable and apparent TV becomes.

The answer isn’t necessarily staying out of the sun. The answer is treating TV early for beautiful looking summertime skin.

Do This Now And Reap The Rewards For Months:

I’ve provided a link from this website that details a 2-step plan for treating Tinea Versicolor…See our Treatment Of Tinea Versicolor Page.

The key to achieving healthy-looking summertime skin is to follow this detailed comprehensive 2-step plan all the way through. And start as early as possible.

Trust me. It’s worth the effort.

Summer shouldn’t be a time of anxiety. Summer should be enjoyed and celebrated—like the freedom we enjoy and the families that love us.

The warm sun should be embraced like a friend, not feared as an enemy.

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