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Our Tinea Versicolor Survey Results.

The Results So Far.

It was originally conceived as a filler for our infant website, but to our welcomed surprise our Tinea Versicolor Survey proves to be a popular stopping place for visitors at Tinea-Versicolor.net.

While the results of the questions have not been so unexpected, the diversity is insightful.

Here’s what we have so far:

1. What is your age?

Under 20 years old. 33%.
20 to 30 years old. 39%.
30 to 40 years old. 18%.
40 to 50 years old. 8%.
Over 50 years old. 2%.

No surprise that our audience is weighted favoring the younger age groups, as Tinea Versicolor (TV,) is most prevolent in the younger years when one is more active and the skin is more oilier.

2. How long have you had your skin condition?

Less than 1 year. 26%.
1 to 3 years. 32%.
3 to 5 years. 23%.
5 to 10 years. 8%.
More than 10 years. 11%.

We see here that people are proactive in seeking support for their condition early, while confirming that this is a skin infection that spans years.

3. Have you consulted a Medical Doctor?

Yes. 82%.
No. 18%.

Most people do consult a medical professional. This is wise, since only a professional is equipped to diagnose and accurately differentiate this skin disorder amongst many similar.

4. How Do You Feel About Your Skin? (multiple answer.)

Medically Concerned. 23%.
Socially Embarrassed. 39%.
Physically Uncomfortable. 38%.

We call them like we see it! People basically responded to all 3 of the answers on par. While TV is not a life threatening infection, people clearly feel burndened on all levels polled.

5. Where do you go to find information about Tinea Versicolor? (multiple answer.)

Internet. 73%.
Printed material.
Medical Doctor. 27%.
Other people.

Seems people are taking the responsibility to research and understand their own body. Perhaps after an initial visit to a Dermatologist, people are delving deeper into this topic. We wonder how many people are frustrated with Doctor prescribed treatments, and now seeking alternative methods?

6. Which Of These Products Do You Use? (multiple answer.)

Medicated Soap. 24%
Anti-Fungal Spray Or Cream. 26%.
Sunblock. 6%.
Selsun Shampoo.12%.
Body Scrub. 32%.

It is not unusual for a sufferer of TV to experiment with a variety of products and techniques to once and for all cure their skin. You must consider the tenacity of TV and understand the only remedy is a long term regimen taken with discipline! There is no magic silver bullet folks…once you find something that works for you, stick with it!

7. Would you say this website is helpful with good information?

Yes…Very Much So. 85%.
Yes…A Little. 11%.
Not Much. 4%.
Not At All.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our visitors, especially those that contacted us with feedback and suggestions. Also, to our contributors and staff…Thank You for making an unattractive subject palatable.

8. What type of content on this website is helpful? (multiple answer.)

Factual (Scientific,) Information. 15%.
General Tips And Advice. 40%
Personal Stories And Interviews. 32%.
Photos and Illustrations. 13%.

Our aim with this website is to provide “lay-man’s-terms” information for people seeking solutions and advice. By the results of this question of the survey, most people seem to indicate that this approach is preferrable.

9. Have you received our FREE Tinea Versicolor Report?

Yes. 62%.
No. 38%.

NOTE: We no longer offer this report. Instead, we keep you informed with our UP-TO-DATE Facebook page.

10. Would you be willing to share your personal experience in order to help others?

We are actively seeking Guest-Writers and people with real-life stories to be interviewed by us.
If you answer Yes below, please leave your name and email address on the next screen after you click the Submit Survey button.
Yes…I can be interviewed. 22%.
Yes…I can write about My Story. 16%.
No…Thank You. 62%.

Thank you to the many people who have communicated with us. You are truly helping others. Unfortuneately, many of those who have agreed to be contacted failed to leave us a contact method. If you did indicate your acceptance in this part of the survey and have not heard from us, please contact us again with your relevant return information.

We’d like to appeal to all our visitors to consider aiding the community by sharing their own written story, or participating in an interview conducted by a sympathetic member of our staff.

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    • Marcus
    • November 1, 2012

    Thanks for the website – stumbled upon it after I was diagnosed today (well, I’m going to get a Dermatologist’s opinion as well cos I just went to an MD). Didn’t even realise I have TV, but I’ve always had problems at the beach with a rash and I usually amounted it to heat rash or sand flies. Only recently, the pale patch occurred on my back and it’s now noticeably bigger, so I assumed it’s a problem. Not much embarrassment because no one has asked about it.

    Only problem now is that it’s concentrated only on my back and it’s a hard to reach area! Will have to go out and hunt for the sprays for maintenance purposes. Will get a supply of the anti-fungal tablets to keep it under control – especially when I head for a beach/boat vacation. I live in a tropical climate (Malaysia), so I’m fairly surprised it hasn’t occurred anywhere else *touch wood*

    Thanks again!!

      • Tony
      • November 2, 2012

      Thanks for your comments Marcus.

      Please check in with us soon and report on how things work for you.

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