Linen Clothes For Tinea Versicolor

Comfort Clothing For Tinea Versicolor.

Wearing Natural Linen Clothing Can Help Control Your Tinea Versicolor.

On a personal level, I find natural linen clothing to be the most comfortable. But did you know that natural linen fabrics can help to limit the recurrence of Tinea Versicolor (TV)? It’s true.

Linen is made from the supple fibers of the flax plant and provides a wonderful fresh-cool feel in hot and humid climates.

That’s because it can absorb and lose water (wick) quickly, and it’s also a great conductor of heat. It’s these two properties that make linen fabric useful in controlling the outbreak of your TV.

Linen wicks moisture away from the skin and has a tendency to billow, or not cling to the body. This allows for rapid drying, making linen the perfect clothing for fitness and hot weather.

Since TV thrives in hot and moist environments—like on sweaty bodies—keeping your clothing as dry as possible is important.

In a general sense, the term linens is used today to describe an entire class of woven and knitted fabrics, to include cotton and hemp; but traditionally, linen cloth was lighter and fine—a symbol of purity and wealth.

In fact, linen was often traded as a currency in ancient Egypt.

It’s the lighter fabrics that I’m talking about here. While cotton tees are preferred by many during summer months, they aren’t necessarily the best choice.

Cotton tees absorb water, but dry slowly and cling to the torso. That promotes the hot and humid environment Tinea Versicolor loves. Sorry guys.

Lighter linens do tend to wrinkle easily, so if that’s a concern of yours, you might want to keep your trusted iron on standby.

A word of caution here: Too much ironing can break down linen fibers, so go easy.

Some people use a damp handkerchief between the fabric and iron face to help improve longevity. You’ll have to be the judge of that.

If you’re that worried about wrinkles, you might try polyester shirts. They resist wrinkling, wick moisture, dry quickly, and are relatively inexpensive. The downside is that they feel like…like polyester.

For me, a few wrinkles add to the charm of linen, so a good hanger and sunlight are all my linen shirts need.

Enjoy the sun!

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    • Marie2
    • December 27, 2016

    I recently started seeing white spots on my abdomen, then my hands, then my face. My face spots increased rapidly. Spots on my face are the worst of all. I have to wear heavy makeup and I am very conscious.

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