Interview – Micah W. of Massachusetts.

Blotches and Beers
By Micah W.

Tinea Versicolor InterviewFour years ago, while living in Israel, I started noticing some red blotches, several millimeters in diameter on my lower front torso and back that were otherwise unobtrusive.

As I’m not one to run off to the doctor at the initial sign of a medical issue (especially because of the long waits at Israeli doctor offices), rather choosing to fight off microorganisms through the ingestion of copious amounts of garlic and hot peppers, I ignored the blotches for several months.

When it seemed that they were increasing in size, and in a few cases, even merging, I finally decided to make an appointment. The doctor gave me some explanation, using the generic Hebrew term for rash (“pricha”) and prescribed me a cream – clotrimazole. I applied the cream liberally for a couple of weeks, and slowly, the rashes began to flake and disappear.

Not long after, I moved back to the USA, to my hometown in Massachusetts, and forgot about the rash. That summer, it appeared again. The blotches were the same size as before, some slightly raised, but not itchy. This time I immediately made an appointment to see my cool, young, new doctor – Jonathan. He took one look and said, “Looks like Tinea Versicolor.”

He explained to me that it is a yeast infection that is very common, not dangerous, easily treated, often returns regularly and has no known surefire cure. He prescribed an oral regimen of fluconazole – one pill, and then a second one five days later. He also said that as the yeast feeds on sugars and other yeasts, I might want to consider avoiding sugar and beer. I don’t eat much sugar, but beer? Nope. Not happening. It’s a small price to pay for enjoying all the wonderful micro-brews in New England.

Since that summer, my Tinea has appeared two more times – once in the following summer and once in the winter. I’ve now been Tinea-free for about eight months and am enjoying my beer, garlic and hot peppers.

Cheers Micah – Tony.


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