Treatment Of Tinea Versicolor.

The most effective treatment of Tinea Versicolor includes controlling the re-occurring nature of this condition.

While all of us would like an immediate solution to the problem, the reality is that even prescription medications only go as far as clearing the rash temporarily. Nothing is more frustrating than seeing the ugly discoloration invade your body all-over again.

Outlined below is my 2-Step technique to combating Tinea Versicolor. Follow them in succession. Hit the road running in Step 1 with a powerful routine that subdues the rash on your body, and then move on to Step 2 to achieve long lasting results and healthy looking skin.

2-Step Treatment of Tinea Versicolor.

Step 1: The Silver Bullet.

The goal of the first step is to launch a powerful all-out attack on the culprit of your skin condition. This is war! You want the closest thing to a “silver bullet” to gain control of the fungus that is running rampant over your body. Employ this attack strategy for at least 1 to 2 weeks depending on the extent of your particular case. And to make the most impact on your skin, perform the following routine at least once everyday.

What to do in Step 1.

Treatment of Tinea Versicolor Terrasil Anti-Fungal Medicated Cleansing Bar
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Part 1: Start with a clean slate.
Start by cleansing your body of the daily dampness and dirt which clog the pores of your skin. The goal here is to achieve a medicated-clean area that extends from your skin’s surface to deep within.

Terrasil Anti-Fungal Medicated Cleansing Bar manufactured by Aidance Skincare in Rhode Island, utilizes a unique blend of natural ingredients, each chosen for specific skin care benefits proven to promote skin cell renewal, reverse discoloration, and moisturize your skin. This combination is specially formulated to enhance the delivery and performance of the active anti-fungal clotrimazole (1%).

Using warm water in the shower, wet your entire body and hair. Turn OFF the running water and apply Terrasil Anti-Fungal Medicated Cleansing Bar to your body and hair and gently work up a rich salve.

I personally do this more by massaging the bar in my hands and spreading the salve to my body to be sure I have ingredients from the different layers that make up the bar.

Make sure you spread the salve to all parts of your face, scalp and body and gently massage this way for up to 5 minutes. Using warm water again, rinse yourself off thoroughly and towel dry.

Treatment of Tinea Versicolor Terrasil Tinea Treatment MAX
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Part 2: Get out the big guns.
This is where you load “the silver bullet”, and inflict the most damage. Now that you have deep-cleaned your skin, its time to introduce powerful all-natural ingredients to penetrate the skin tissue where they can be most effective.

Terrasil Tinea Treatment MAX, also a product of Aidance Skincare is “the silver bullet” for treating Tinea Versicolor. The activated anti-fungal clotrimazole (1%) works harmoniously with nutrient rich minerals which begin repairing skin on contact for rapid relief and incredible results.

Apply a thin layer of Terrasil Tinea Treatment MAX to the affected areas of your body. I do this by dabbing a large coin-sized amount in the palm of one hand, and using the other hand to gather and spread the balm over my body.

Do NOT try to target the rash in a polka-dot fashion as the purpose here is to build a hostile environment for the fungus. Within a few minutes the balm dries on your skin and you can dress.

My routine is to implement this “silver bullet stage” at the end of the day. I dress in loose fitting, clean cotton or linen garments. It helps me feel fresh and relaxed before going to bed.

 Step 2: Maintenance Mode.

In this step you become the “skin-police”. Now that you have gained control over your body fungus by following the procedure in Step 1 above, you switch tactics and adopt a “maintenance-strategy” whereby restoring the natural tone and balance of your skin complexion that will last over time.

You can be confident this will work for you because you can always utilize “the silver bullet” (Step 1) should a repeat outbreak occur.

 What to do in Step 2.

This is the crucial stage in the treatment of Tinea Versicolor that protects you from the anguish and frustration of repeated outbreaks. If this skin condition is new to you, be warned. Tinea Versicolor is tenacious. It will come back! Modern medicine has NO cure. So what is left for us to do is contain and manage this derma-beast.

To Do Daily:

Terrasil Anti-Fungal Medicated Cleansing Bar
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Continue using Terrasil Anti-Fungal Medicated Cleansing Bar when you shower. Easy right?

Thankfully this medicated bar is packed with a powerful anti-fungal that works to defend you against body fungus. Considering this is combined with a formulation of natural ingredients proven to promote skin cell renewal, moisturize and reverse discoloration, you clearly must include this in your daily routine.

Since using this product, not only is my skin amazingly smooth and supple, but many wrinkles on my face have cleared. (Bonus!)

To Do Weekly:

Terrasil Tinea Treatment MAX
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It’s going to sound repetitive, but at least it’s simple. Continue to use Terrasil Tinea Treatment MAX on a weekly basis…at least once.

Be sure to apply it to your problem areas after you have showered and used the medicated bar. You may increase the frequency if you feel the need.

And remember, you can always rely on the “silver bullet” technique (Step 1) as an impenetrable last line of defense should you experience a repeat attack.

Alternative Solutions.

I personally use the above products on my skin because they have provided the best results. But over the years I have tried countless others with varying success. In case you are seeking alternatives, here are what I consider the next best.

Noble Formula Soap
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Noble Formula Soap is a handmade formulation that is manufactured exclusively for a private company named Ontos Incorporated. Categorized as a patent medicines company, Ontos Inc. is based in Washington State U.S.A.

The active ingredient is pyrithione zinc (2%), a colorless agent that is both anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. This ingredient has been medically proven to kill yeast that live upon the skin, which with continued use creates a hostile environment for regrowth…the most important consideration to your long term maintenance regimen.

Noble Formula Soap is truly a unique medicated cleanser that gently and effectively relieves itching, irritation and flaking of the face, scalp and body. It’s rich moisturizing formula will cleanse your body and leave your hair soft and shiny. Use this soap as a substitute for the Terrasil Medicated Bar.

Lamasil AT Anti-Fungal Spray
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Lamisil AT Anti-Fungal Spray is manufactured by Novartis International AG, a multinational pharmaceutical company based in Basel, Switzerland.

The active ingredient Terbinafine Hydrochloride (1%) has been shown to break down fungus at a cellular level by mechanisms that compromise it’s integrity. Once only available by prescription, Lamisil was indicated by the U.S. Food And Drug Administration for treating Tinea Versicolor. This FDA indication was dropped only once it became available over the counter.

Be mindful this is most effective only after a body wash as described in Step 1/Part 1 above and after you have dried yourself.

I like the spray form because I can easily cover my whole body quickly and effectively, but I often have to revert to the cream and gel whenever store supplies are out of the spray. Lamisil AT products (spray, cream and gel,) are interchangeable products with the same concentration 1% Terbinafine Hydrochloride. I stock up on the spray when available as I find that supply oftentimes is limited.

While Lamisil Spray is my favorite (alternative) anti-fungal, it is notorious for being “out-of-stock”.

Pedifix Funga-Soap
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Desperate to find a suitable alternative that was not so elusive I came upon PediFix Funga-Soap Cleansing Wash.

Pedifix is a 4th generation family owned business headquartered in New York. They have developed a number of dermatological products and after collaborating with Podiatrists for several years, formulated this all natural and organic soap solution.

I use the soap as an all over body wash with very impressive results. The label says not to use it as a shampoo and I have adhered to that. I would also add avoid getting it in your eyes as it does sting, and I’ve read reviews where some people say to avoid it on your genitals. After a body wash as in Step 1/Part 1 above, I spread Funga Soap over my body and massage it in for about 1 minute. I then let it sit on my skin for another minute before rinsing thoroughly off.

I keep a smaller bottle of this in my shave-kit bag as part of my mobile defense strategy against Tinea Versicolor for when I travel.

A Word About Sunscreen.

Because oils and other ingredients found in regular sun screens work to feed your skin fungus, you should use an Oil-Free product with a high rating SPF 30 or SPF 50.

Coppertone Oil Free Sunscreen
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The Coppertone Corporation (part of Schering Plough Corporation,) produces Coppertone Oil Free SPF 30 Sunscreen. While providing effective broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection, this light lotion is formulated for delicate skin and won’t clog your pores. The oil free formula is also fragrance free and is absorbed quickly without leaving a greasy residue making it perfect for everyday use.

I personally apply sunscreen several times during a regular day since I live in South Florida where outdoor conditions are very sunny and humid, and my life style has me outdoors regularly. For convenience, I have a tube of sunscreen located at several locations that I frequent, and naturally this is a must have item when I pack to travel.

The Lifestyle of Tinea Versicolor.

Most people seldomly consider or employ a lifestyle approach to treat their Tinea Versicolor. A lifestyle approach is developing habits that piece together many additional ways to control this condition. Sort of like stacking the odds for success in your favor.

A true, all encompassing Tinea Versicolor strategy should incorporate NOT only medications and lotions for your skin, but ALSO sanitation considerations for your personal laundry, AND a better understanding of your diet which may include yeast promoting foods.

You may not know it, but you may be undoing all the good you’ve done up until now by over-looking simple additional steps that greatly enhance the successful outcome to restore your skin to a healthy appearance.

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