Wanted – Guest Writers And People To Interview.

We at www.Tinea-Versicolor.net are actively seeking Guest-Writers from around the globe with any kind of relevant story to feature on our website. You do not have to be a professional writer at all…just genuine and sincere about your experience or that of someone you know.


If you prefer, and would agree to a simple private interview conducted by one of our staff-writers, you could very easily talk to us by phone and have your story posted on this website.
International visitors are very welcomed to be interviewed…we would call you by telephone at our expense.


  • Have you had some success with a product or procedure that you can tell us about?
  • Have you found some form of relevant information that you consider useful?
  • Are you just frustrated and have nothing but questions?

Frankly, we would like to hear from ALL of you.


Remember, that any experience seemingly small or irrelevant to you, may possibly assist some other person in ways that you are unaware of. Personal stories and recommendations have always assisted people in many day to day situations, and living with Tinea Versicolor is no different…in fact it was through a friend’s recommendation that I first was introduced to the soap that I still consider my most powerful arsenal to treat my skin.

So please let us hear from you, and together [most likely,] we can help a community of people.


Let me assure you that your privacy will be upheld with the strictest regard, and all matters will be handled with total professionalism. We at www.Tinea-Versicolor.net believe our word is our bond. So please feel confident to send us your written story, or let us know how to contact you for an interview through this Contact Us link, or by emailing me directly: tony@Tinea-Versicolor.net


Publisher, www.Tinea-Versicolor.net