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Regular visitor and contributor to, Marsha G. of Florida recently tested Noble Formula Soap for herself. She kept a detailed journal of her use and the resulting effect it had on her Tinea Versicolor skin condition.

I sent Marsha a free sample of Noble Formula Soap and Noble Formula Shampoo. which had been donated by Dr. Richard L. Faiola, creator of the formula after being interviewed for this website.

Thank you Marsha for sharing with us.

By Marsha G. of  Florida.

1. Benefits…Did it benefit you? In which ways?
a. Very calming and soothing soap.
b. Removes redness from skin.
c. Stops itching.
d. Evens out skin tone.
e. My skin feels better than it has in 10 years.

2. Application…Is it easy to apply? Is it messy/irritating/soothing/stinging?
It is as easy to apply as any other soap. It is not irritating and does not sting. It makes my skin feel wonderful.

3. Packaging…Do you prefer the spill-proof bottle shampoo or the traditional soap-bar? Why?
I have been using the soap bar for my body, and the shampoo for my hair.

4. Value…How long does the soap/shampoo last before running out?
The first bar of soap lasted about a month, using it daily. I have now ordered and received 6 more bars. The shampoo is still going strong, as I usually wash my hair once a week. I will reorder this also, when needed.

5. Overall…Would you recommend it? Any additional comments?
I can say that this soap and shampoo have definitely made a big difference for me in dealing with the Tinea Versicolor (TV,). I will use it for the rest of my life. I would highly recommend that anyone who is dealing with TV, get these products and see the difference for yourself.

My Diary:

DAY1: USED SHAMPOO ON FACE: Used only a drop. By the next morning, my cheeks and under eyes were quite red. Rest of face was fine, but dry. Put coconut oil on red areas.

DAY2: USED BAR SOAP ON BODY: After the experience with redness on face the night before, I avoided the face and mixed the soap on my exfoliating gloves with the Nutribiotic Pure Coconut Oil Soap. Results: no reaction, no redness, in fact, it began taking the redness that is always there, out of my elbow crease areas on both arms. My skin was comfortable, save for a few flakes of skin sloughing off.

DAY 3: USED BAR SOAP ON BODY AS BEFORE: Result: no adverse reaction, no flakes, no problems. Redness in elbow area continues to dissipate. Began to see white patches become more visible.

DAY 4: USED BAR SOAP ON BODY AND FACE: Redness on face is all but gone, just avoiding the eye area. Red patches on elbow area continue to dissipate. White patches becoming more visible daily. No adverse reactions with skin. Flaked a little yesterday with normal amount of itching, nothing unusual. I now look forward to tomorrow’s bath, so I can see more progress.

DAY 5: USED BAR SOAP ON BODY AND FACE: This soap is great! Very soothing and doing its job. I left it on for a bit longer today than I have been, with no adverse reactions. Redness on arms nearly gone, white patches becoming clearly evident. A bit of flaking on chest.

DAY 6: USED BAR SOAP ON BODY AND FACE: I love this soap! Still no problems, leaving it on longer. Redness on neck that has been permanent is dissipating! I can hardly wait to take my next bath! Totally gentle and soothing, and I can see progress after 10 years of trying everything under the sun, to no avail! Going out shopping in the heat of the day , to test it out.

DAY 7: BATHED WITH SOAP AS USUAL: Went shopping in the heat of the day, something I have not been able to do in years. I did not linger in the heat, but did not feel the usual ickly, prickly prelude to sweating and turning red all over. I do think it will be awhile before I can stay out in the heat and humidity of Southern Florida for any prolonged amount of time, but I do think with continued use and following the regimen set out on that the day will come. I am encouraged and feel that finally, I have found hope.

During this period of time, I developed a oil leak under my car and had to scrub out the entire garage with detergent and hose it out. I did sweat, but I did not itch or break out, nor turn red. This in itself was a miracle as I have been unable to do things like this for years. I just went straight to the bathtub and bathed in the soap. I was fine.

ONE MONTH: My skin is much improved. The redness is gone on my arms and neck area. My skin is comfortable. There is no more itching, which was pretty much constant. The soap is also fading the dark spots on my arms, legs, face, chest, and back. I am sold on NOBLE FORMULA SOAP!!! It took on not only Tinea Versicolor, but also a really bad candida albicans overgrowth, and got all of it under control. I so thank Tony and the kind Noble Soap Company for giving me the chance to try out these amazing products!


Marsh G.

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Noble Formula – Soap and Shampoo


    • Valerie
    • March 1, 2016

    Hi Tony,
    l want to know if any local retailers in the Chicago area have this noble formula facial bar. I am 53 African America female with some facial skin pigmentation issues after completing some medication treatment 2 years ago. It has gotten better after seeing a dermatologist and using gentle cleansing with coco butter. I was researching some things and came across this product. I can not find it anywhere locally. Is online the only way I can purchase this product?

      • Tony
      • March 6, 2016

      Hi Valerie. Thanks for contacting me.

      Yes, Noble Formula products are only available through online retailers.

    • Chet
    • July 26, 2015

    The soap is a Godsend. I was using Nizoral for the past year and could not get my prescription re-filled before I went to Barcelona and Rome in the middle of the summer. I am also a runner. Took the soap with me to Europe and my TV was totally under controlled, and this was after sweating like a pig everywhere I went. Did my normal jog in the am and followed Tony’s instructions about showering immediately after exercising and using the soap. My wife and I can’t believe it.

      • Tony
      • July 29, 2015

      Hi Chet. Thanks for contacting me.

      Keep up the good work.

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