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Shari T. of Alabama Reviews Products for Tinea Versicolor.
by Tony, Publisher www.Tinea-Versicolor.net

After interviewing Dr. Richard L. Faiola M.D. about Tinea Versicolor and how he came to formulate his Noble Formula soap, he gratiously sent me free samples of the soap and shampoo – which I ditributed to the list of people whom generously volunteered to be interviewed about their experience with this skin condition.

Shari T. of Alabama has reported back with this review…Thank you Shari.

Last summer I finally found out that the white, itchy spots on my shoulders and back was Tinea Versicolor. With this information I was able to do some research and came across this website tinea-versicolor.net

I was so relieved to see so much information about the causes, treatments and stories of others suffering with the same issue. I have been searching for solutions to clear up the itchy white spots and decided to try the Noble Formula soap and the shampoo.

I love the shampoo! It’s a white milky consistency, free of perfumes, suds up easily and is pleasant to use. Because the Tinea Versicolor is on my back, I wash my hair with the shampoo and also apply a little to a scrub brush for my back. I love how soft my hair feels after using it plus now my back doesn’t itch at all. I’ve been using it about three times per week for the past month and still have over half a bottle left. I would definitely recommend this product!

I also like using the soap in combination with the shampoo. I like that it exfoliates the dead skin but is also soothing on my body. I use the soap about 2 times per week (on my back only) and still have most of the bar left. I would also highly recommend this product!

Rating scale up to 5: (5 being the highest,)

  • Benefits – 5
  • Application- 5
  • Packaging- 5
  • Value- 5
  • Overall- 5

Thank you Tony for suggesting such great products!

Read an interview with Shari T. of Alabama.

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