Pedifix Funga-Soap

Fungal Infection Treatment

“That’s it! I’ve had it with Out-Of-Stock products!”

Just as I seem to get things under control with my Tinea Versicolor and I’m ready for the next batch of [wonder-spray,] anti-fungal product, it vanishes from supply. Nothing is more frustrating than being forced to sit idle against an enemy I know is constantly advancing on my body.

“Well not this time!” I was determined.

My search to find a reliable substitute for a long time favorite proved to be difficult but my persistence rewarded me when I discovered PediFix Funga Soap Cleansing Wash.

Formulated with only natural organic ingredients, the manufacturer Pedifix spent years closely collaborating with Podiatrists to establish this very effective anti-fungal soap solution.

Pedifix is a long time family operated business headquartered in Brewster New York where it controls all aspects of production and supply of Funga Soap, as well as a number of other dermatological products.

What others are saying.

Nothing impresses me more than finding great on-line reviews for a product I am about to try for myself. That’s important to a cynic like me.

I would highlight that a little seems to go far as it lathers and spreads quite easily.

And I caution you that even though the label warns you not to use it as a shampoo, I would also add to avoid getting the soap in your eyes and other sensitive areas (lower down on your body,) as it can sting.

My home remedy fungal infection treatment.

I personally use this liquid soap after an all-over body wash with Noble Formula Soap as in my popular 4-Step Strategy. I find it most effective this way as my skin is clean and prepared for the anti-fungal properties of Funga Soap.

While standing wet in the shower:

  1. I simply work half a thimble amount of liquid soap all over my body (avoiding the parts I mentioned earlier,) for about one minute.
  2. Then I stand for another one minute and let the soap soak into me. Sometimes I can feel a slight tingle effect as I massage the soap into my skin. This along with it’s aroma is familiar to me with any other tea tree oil product I’ve used.
  3. Finally I rinse off thoroughly and towel dry myself.

I follow this routine shortly before going to bed so to avoid any stress and perspiration that may have an adverse effect on my skin.

I feel clean and relaxed knowing I had a powerful fungal infection treatment.

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    • Nikki
    • October 9, 2017

    Wow! Thanks for great instruction and information.
    I used to suffer from fungal infection on the skin but had difficulty in identifying what type it was, and that’s when I tried some natural products.
    I ended up with using products like anti-fungal cream and soap and the situation was much better.
    I think the most important thing to remember before treating fungal disease, is to know exactly the type it is…to find appropriate remedies.

      • Tony
      • October 15, 2017

      Hi Nikki. Thanks for your comment…I absolutely agree with you.

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