7 Steps To Take Now To Treat Tinea Versicolor.

Ask any great sports coach what tactic, in their opinion, gives them the most advantage over their opponents and you’ll find the answer is a familiar cliche’, “Know your enemy!”

This clearly suggests that every battle begins way before the meeting on the field, and usually involves a detailed plan of action to gain control early and follow a course to victory.

Why would you think that battling Tinea Versicolor should be any different?

For those of us who fight this relentless enemy and are frustrated by repeat attacks on our bodies…the time has come to adopt a more tactical approach towards treating our skin, and understanding the importance of a detailed long-term plan…by getting to know our enemy!

I love lists, they’re directed to the point and easily digestible, so I’m setting out some of the more relevant facts in these lists:

Tinea Versicolor is…

  • An over-abundant population of fungus that lives on the skin’s surface.
  • Prevalent during the warmer months.
  • Stimulated by the body’s oils and fluids.
  • Re-occurring, determined, tenacious…(get the point?)
  • Easily diagnosed by a Dermatologist’s examination under a microscope.
  • Treatable and can be controlled.

Tinea Versicolor is NOT…

  • Contagious or triggered by external transmission.
  • Permanently tattooed to your skin, NOR will it leave a scar.
  • Curable or eliminated by medicine.

Another List.

With summer almost here in the northern hemisphere, comes the inevitable surge of reported incidences of skin infections. You can prepare now for the onset by following the simple game-plan below to get control of your skin condition and fend off another out-break all summer long.

7 Steps To Take Now:

  1. Increase the frequency of your treatment regimen of body-wash and anti-fungal application.
  2. Start using an oil-free sunscreen regularly.
  3. Keep well stocked on the products you need to treat yourself…DO NOT let yourself run out of a favorite that works for you!
  4. Wear clothes that wick away perspiration and keep you dry.
  5. Launder your clothes, bedding and towels more frequently and use an anti-fungal agent like white-vinegar.
  6. Consider your diet and eliminate foods that may promote yeast and fungus on your body.
  7. Consistency is your greatest ally…resolve to be disciplined in your routine and NEVER give in.


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