Products For Tinea Versicolor

How to order products for Tinea Versicolor from outside the United States.

For a long time I have been asked by our international visitors, ‘How do I get the products you recommend for the treatment of Tinea Versicolor sent to me outside of the United States?”

If you live outside the United States Of America, you can now order products securely and have them reliably sent to you directly…wherever you live in the world. My only advice is more of a tip…order at least one year supply so you don’t have to pay for the shipping expense repeatedly.

Please note the following procedure to order correctly.

  1. Select a product from the images below.
  2. You will be shown a list of merchants that can take your order for that product.
  3. Next, in the middle of the page find the column titled Seller Information.
  4. In the column Seller Information find a merchant that displays International Shipping Rates. Sometimes there are more than one…it is your choice on which you select.
  5. Now simply select the Add to Cart button for the merchant you have selected and proceed as usual.
Tinea Versicolor Soap
Noble Soap

Noble Formula Soap For International Shipping

This is my all-time favorite Tinea Versicolor treatment product. It is very gentle yet very effective on your skin and the oatmeal flakes act to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells.

If there was only one product I could buy…this would be it. (And I would really be diligent about my laundry and diet.)

Tinea Versicolor Shampoo
Noble Shampoo

Noble Formula Shampoo For International Shipping

I love the way this product is so easy to travel with. The no-spill cap is perfect for my shave-kit and I use it as an all-over body wash while travelling.

Pedifix Funga Soap
Funga Soap

Pedifix Funga Soap For International Shipping

This is my most recent discovery Tinea Versicolor treatment product, and I am truly amazed at how well it works.

Just a little goes a long way as it lathers up nicely. I am so relieved to find an anti-fungal in liquid form with natural organic ingredients that I take a smaller bottle of this also whenever I travel.

Tinea Versicolor Sunscreen
Oil Free Sunscreen

Coppertone Oil Free Sunscreen For International Shipping

I have listed this product here because it has proven itself to me over the years to be truly oil-free.

That’s very important when you want to treat Tinea Versicolor because applying most oils onto your skin will feed the fungus that you are trying to control. If you can’t find a similar sunscreen where you are, this is a good source.

Make sure to check back regularly as I will be adding products to this list as they become available.